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Charley Moore

Charley is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer Incorporated. His experience as a lawyer working with consumer services, start up businesses, and small law firms taught him that something was missing–a simple and affordable way for everyone to understand and manage their legal needs. That’s why he started Rocket Lawyer. Read more

Angela Lee

Angela Lee is a writer and editor whose portfolio includes fashion/event magazines, academic textbooks, and social activism articles. She lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea for three years after graduating from UC Irvine with an B.A. in English literature. Today, she resides in San Francisco with her dog, and you can find her doing any of the following: reading, watching documentaries, traveling, attending live concerts, or unabashedly greeting every dog that passes her on the street.

Becky Roth

Becky Roth is currently a Product Marketing Manager at Rocket Lawyer. In a previous life, Becky’s work focused on the study of interpersonal communication, online communities, and American First Lady rhetoric. When she’s not working, you can typically find her spending time with her rescue dog, Ella, reading a book on her Kindle, or exploring local neighborhoods. She currently resides in San Francisco, but will always be a Michigander at heart.

Eric Bates

Eric received his B.S. in political science with an emphasis in international relations from Santa Clara University in 2012. Upon graduating, he traveled and worked for a non-profit in Central America. He is a religious viewer of Conan O’Brien and also loves traveling, running his website and passing out food to the homeless.

Stan Sinberg

Stan is an award-winning newspaper columnist, radio commentator, and features writer whose humor has appeared in everything from the NY Times to WSJ and MAD Magazine. Stan is a native New Yorker living on the west coast. His website is www.stansinberg.com and you can email him at stan@stansinberg.com or follow him on Twitter @ssinberg1

Brian K. Felderstein, Esq.

Brian K. Felderstein is a California business lawyer and a proud member of the Rocket Lawyer On Call® network. Brian is currently the owner of BroadDesk Legal which is a boutique law firm with a focus on entrepreneurs, start-ups and technology companies. In addition to providing business transactional legal services, BroadDesk provides a “Law as a Service” business model offering clients legal counsel, guidance and opinions on site at the clients location for flat rate reasonable monthly service plan.

Justin Tenuto

Justin is a self-professed legal dweeb who finds Anton Scalia genuinely hilarious. After receiving his B.A. in English literature from UC Santa Barbara, he spent four years as a destitute touring musician before he began writing. He’s worked at a few start ups and law firms and spends his off time playing the banjo, watching Tombstone, and playing the banjo while watching Tombstone.

Alexandra Savas

Alexandra is a Communications Manager at Rocket Lawyer. She studied political science and international business at Santa Clara University, and graduated with honors in 2012. Thanks to an incurable case of wanderlust, her work has taken her to Barcelona, Berlin, and the beautiful Bay Area. Talk to her about legal reform, sustainability issues, and #leaningin.

Matthew Kaufman

Matt Kaufman is the Head of Small Business Filing Services at Rocket Lawyer and is passionate about building a better way for businesses to get the legal services they need. He pulls from his experiences as a lawyer (and an occasional client) to find ways to improve the complexity and cost typically involved in taking care of legal matters.