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Hello again, everyone. It’s time for another Rocket Lawyer Round Up, our weekly look at Rocket Lawyer on the news and in the news. It’s been a busy week for us as we unveiled Rocket Lawyer On Call, checked out Major League Baseball’s continued legal problems, whether you can prohibit children from eating in your restaurant, and examined the surprisingly robust field of Harry Potter-related case law.

Get Your Own Team of Lawyers with Rocket Lawyer On Call

We’re very proud of our new Rocket Lawyer On Call service, which comes free with all our legal plans. Have questions about how it works? Read our post or any of the folks below. Let us know what you think.


Release connects SMBs with legal help for free

Kristina Knight at Biz Report highlights our new On Call service, looking expressly at how it can be utilized by small businesses. “This type of offering is a way for SMBs to protect their interests and gain peace of mind without a huge outlay of cash,” she writes.


New Discounted Legal Services for Small Businesses

“I spoke with CEO Charley Moore to learn about Rocket Lawyer On Call, a benefit for people who sign up for their legal plan service,” says Howard Greenstein. “For $40 a month, your small business can have a lawyer review contracts and documents (whether created via the Rocket Lawyer service or not) as if they were on retainer to your company.”

Rocket Lawyer On Call Delivers Affordable Attorney Access

Jeffrey L. Wilson highlights On Call’s deeply discounted rates on attorneys for anyone with a legal plan at no additional cost.



Our Blogs

Major League Baseball’s Major League Trials

The American pastime has been embroiled in all sorts of litigation, from perjury to bankruptcy. At the All-Star break, we pause to take a look. And if you’re a fan of Roger Clemens or the Dodgers, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about.


Pennsylvania Restaurant Bans Children; Isn’t That Illegal?

Thanks to a new policy by ownership, kids under six can no longer head McDain’s restaurant. And they aren’t the first restaurant to have such a policy. Our big question: is that even legal? The answer might surprise you.


How a Foolish Error Resulted in a Mistrial for Roger Clemens

The judge who declared a mistrial in the Clemens perjury case called the prosecution’s misstep a “first year law student mistake.” We look at why the case is over (for now) and the problems with the man behind the charges, Jeff Novitzky.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Lawsuits

Since going from rags to riches on the popularity of a fictional teenage wizard, J.K. Rowling has faced her fair share of legal disputes. We run down the most interesting, amusing, and preposterous cases in a decade of Potter case law.


Take Me Out to the Courthouse: Our All-Star Game Podcast

Charley and Eva take to the airwaves to discuss recent legal news. We spent about half the episode talking about baseball’s legal issues but covered everything from Zynga to piracy to the scandal surrounding News of the World.


No Parachute? Five Situations When Insurance Could Save Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you should know about the importance of insurance. Whether from theft, disaster, accidents, or even defects with your product itself, insurance could be the way your business weathers a troubling situation.


The Sociable Lawyer Round Up: It’s Follow Friday!

Sociable Lawyer examines the weekly Twitter trend and taps five accounts as follow-worthy.



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